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Outdoor ceramic tile sells at auction in Israel

August 8, 2021 Comments Off on Outdoor ceramic tile sells at auction in Israel By admin

A small piece of outdoor ceramic tiles sold at an auction in Tel Aviv for about $30,000.

The auction house said the piece was found in a garden on a street in the village of Givat Shaul, in the north of the country.

The piece was discovered in the garden of a family member and belonged to his mother, who was a gardener, and was sold for the first time at the auction, the auction house added.

The seller, whose name was not revealed, had been looking for the piece for some time and bought it from a friend of the family.

The owner had been using the tile to decorate the roof of his house and also had a kitchen tile on the same roof, the seller added.

The tile, made of ceramic tiles, is made of a mineral, olivine.

A ceramic tile is typically made of quartzite, a material that forms when molten salts of a volcanic ash or volcanic rock are heated, the Auction House said.

The tiles are typically sold for about 2,500 shekels ($1,150).