The new iPad Mini with OLED displays is finally here!

The new iPad Mini with OLED displays is finally here!

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Posted November 14, 2018 09:13:38 This year marks the 20th anniversary of the iPad Mini, which is one of Apple’s most important products.

Its design has changed radically since then, but its mainstay is still the touchscreen display.

That’s right: the Mini is still there, and the new iPad mini with OLED display is finally available.

The display is thinner than the previous iPad mini, and Apple is promising that it’s up to 10 percent lighter.

The biggest change, though, is that the iPad mini now has an OLED panel instead of a metal one.

The new model’s OLED panel is 1,280×1,440 pixels, compared to the previous model’s 1,536×1 of course.

The OLED panel also offers higher contrast ratios (more pixels per inch) than previous iPad Mini models.

Apple’s display engineers also said that the new mini’s screen is a tad sharper than previous iPads, but not by much.

The iPhone XS Max is an OLED display, too, and is a lot sharper than the iPad minis.

Both Apple and Apple have said that OLED displays are the future of display technology, but that the mini models are the best of both worlds.

The Apple Mini, like the iPhone X, has a large, flat screen, which helps the device stand out from its competitors.

The design is solid, though.

The mini is more like a tablet than a tablet computer.

Apple is also working on a keyboard and trackpad for the mini, as well as the display, which should be available sometime in 2019.