What you need to know about vinyl ceramics

What you need to know about vinyl ceramics

August 18, 2021 Comments Off on What you need to know about vinyl ceramics By admin

It’s not the first time the Australian vinyl industry has faced criticism over the way it is made.

In 2010, a Queensland farmer died after being sprayed with a pesticide at the wrong time.

The Australian government said the chemical had not been tested on any of its own production facilities, but an independent expert said it was probably the most toxic substance on the market.

The latest case comes after the Australian Food Standards and Product Safety Authority said a manufacturer had failed to adequately test the vinyl ceramic tiles produced by a company in Queensland.

It has now suspended a $10,000 fine and ordered the company to pay the farmer’s legal fees.

The agency also warned the company had failed “to provide an accurate risk assessment” for the product, and said the products “could potentially pose health risks”.

It is also the latest controversy to hit the Australian craft beer industry.

Last year, a British brewery, Brewdog, recalled over 700,000 cans of beer after it was found that the product could contain more than 25 per cent alcohol by volume.