How to make ceramic tile art in a week

How to make ceramic tile art in a week

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How to turn any old ceramic tile into something you can actually play with!

It’s a lot of fun, and it’s the perfect way to keep things simple in the kitchen.


Remove the tile from the oven.

I usually do this with a pot of hot water.

This will help it get nice and bubbly in the oven (it will start to turn into a hard surface after about an hour).

If you’re like me and want a more polished surface, you can use a sponge or a paper towel.

If you don’t want to be messy, you might prefer to let the tiles sit for at least 30 minutes in a warm place before removing them from the heat.


Wash the tiles.

You want to make sure that they’re thoroughly dry.

Do this by using a clean cloth or a damp sponge.

(I prefer to use a paper towels-type sponge, but a clean one is fine as well.)

If you can’t find a towel, try using a dry cloth soaked in water and then patting it on.

If the tile is already wet, you may want to use the dry towel as a base.


Spray the tile.

For a more traditional, “real” ceramic tile, spray it with a mixture of cooking oil and water.

(If you don, you will end up with a sort of “china oil” on the tile, and the tile will be hard and fragile.)

I spray it all over the tile with the cooking oil, and then use the water as a sponge and rub the tile into the oil to get it to set.

The oil should take care of most of the remaining oil residue.


Apply paint.

You can use either acrylic or clear acrylic paint for the base.

I love using clear acrylic for this project, because it gives a more “artistic” look to the tile (and to my decorating skills).

I do prefer acrylic paint, because I like it a lot more than clear acrylic.

For this, you’ll want to spray the paint on the base first, and when the paint dries, apply a thin coat of acrylic paint.

It’ll help the paint blend into the tiles, giving it that classic, antique look.


Spray in the garden.

I’ve also done this a few times for this same project.

This time, I use a small pot of water and some dish soap to spray on the tiles before they dry.

I then add a couple of drops of a clear liquid spray paint to the base of the tile and start rubbing it in with a damp paper towel to get a nice glossy finish.

After it dries a bit, I add a little more dish soap and a little water to mix the paint.

I add more paint when it’s all mixed, and I apply it to the edge of the ceramic tile and the bottom of the tiles to finish.

You don’t have to worry about the edges, though.

The paint will still adhere to the tiles when you’re painting them.


Let dry.

After a week or two, you should have some nice, smooth ceramic tile pieces in your kitchen.

They look a little bit like a ceramic cup, but they’re actually quite durable.

When you’re finished, you just need to paint them again.

This can take a few days, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

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